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There is catharsis in journaling. My last employer at this writing is Windstream, whom I left at their discretion as part of a reduction in force.

I mourn for Windstream’s downsizing. They need to recover from bankruptcy. I need to recover from loss of a job. It’s true, we all have needs.

This online professional journal is part of my reboot and recovery. There’s something more going on, too.

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When coding for a specific solution there are two pitfalls to avoid.

It’s easy to write for the moment, to craft a specific tool for a specific job. That’s great – often the only reasonable option – but it leaves the future to fend for itself.

Writing for the moment may also dim the need for documentation.

The code I write for this site is not for the moment. This work is for you, valued reader, so you can see what I like to do.

Generous comments are part of the feature presentation, not ephemeral post-it notes for the developer’s private use.

Perhaps the greatest measure of the product I present here are the PDF documentation files that accompany every bit of coding. You need to see what my code is for, and I want you to see that I can communicate.

That’s a lot different from writing for the moment, and whether or not this site ever sees much traffic, the exercise of these presentations toughens my ability to meet challenges in design and coding.

The Latin phrase I use as a tagline for this site sums that up. Per aspera ad astra. Through difficulties to the stars means something on several levels.

There are difficulties of the unpleasant kind, and there are more positive difficulties, too.

The effort I put forth here, coding, testing, and documenting, would have been difficult years ago. It still takes care and attention.

But these “difficulties” lead places. I’m solving problems I’m yet to encounter.

Through these difficulties, nice things. If not the stars, other worthy goals.

Thanks for dropping by. If I can be of service, please contact me with the Get in Touch! link above, by email to, or in the comments below.