Privacy policy

We live in weird times. The FTC dropped a bombshell on YouTube and Google for collecting information unlawfully against COPPA provisions (that was a pretty cheap thing for YouTube to do), and then announced YouTube would no longer be a target.

Instead, if a bot at the FTC decides a video might be interesting to kids, they will fine or seek civil damages against the individual creator for something like $40,000 per video.

Note that any school math YouTube video allowing questions and answers in its chat is in violation. That, as my Dad would have said, is a heck of a note.

So here’s my privacy policy. I don’t collect any information you don’t volunteer. Whatever you share with me, stops with me, unless we mutually agree otherwise.

This site is hosted by GoDaddy, who may or may not monitor network traffic.

If you post a comment, it’s going to be made in public. The whole world will see it.

If you use a feedback or contact form on this site, the information you enter will be conveyed to me.

If you ask to get my newsletters, I will send them. Each one will have opt-out tips, and all you have to do is ask.

WordPress, the software behind this blog, uses cookies just like almost every other web application on earth. That’s how state persistence for things like logins, should you wish to register and post comments, is implemented.

Everything I write or upload here is my intellectual property unless otherwise noted, everything you write is either yours or within your rights to share.

Please don’t post anything illegal or stolen. I would gleefully cooperate with law enforcement. Rude or abusive comments, whose ugliness is in the sole eye of the site administrator (me), will be cheerfully deleted, the poster probably banned and remanded to the ash heap of irrelevant history.

All I’m trying to sell here is my competence, and that doesn’t involve collecting your information. It’s quite the other way around. I’d like you to collect what I have to offer, particularly if it leads to compensation from your payroll department.

Privacy-wise, I’m the least of your worries. You’re on the Internet. Life’s a risk. You take your chances.

Live long and prosper.